The item in my wardrobe I have chosen to look at for this blog post is a cami top from Velvet and is pictured above. The ‘green-ness’ of fashion can be considered through the sustainability, organic, economical and ethical aspects of the garments including the whole manufacturing process.

The garment I have chosen is made form 100% silk which is the only natural filament fibre. Although the fibres origins are natural rather than man-made the production of silk certainly has its moral impacts. To obtain raw silk the silk worms in their cocoons need to be boiled alive enabling a complete, unbroken fibre to be taken from the cocoon. this of course results in the death of the worms posing a moral issue to the harvesting of the silk fibre. This method also means that new silk worms are needed on a regular basis and isn’t very sustainable. A more moral and sustainable method of harvesting the silk fibre is to cut the cocoons, although does not given you a fibre as long and a finished fabric as smooth.

The garment was made in USA which is usual as most manufacturing nowadays happens across the middle east. This means that the manufacturing standards will of had to adhere to the stricter regulations in the US and are less likely to be subject to the likes of sweatshops and slave labour.



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