‘fashion revivals’

A fashion revival refers to when a particular design detail become fashionable again years after it was last considered fashionable.  These revived fashions are often slightly altered to suit the time or further technology developments.

discopant black

The disco pant quickly became popular again last year with American Apparel being the to go place to get this must have item. Although no longer holding the fashion limelight disco pants are still seen in stores and on your average walk to town. The American Apparel version clocks in at £74.00 making them slightly out of the average students price range, many other high street stores have sold more affordable versions. Having not tried any make of disco pants on its hard to comment, but these strike me as something that you will want in a high quality fabric that will hold you in as opposed to you pushing it out. Perhaps the extra money will be worth it.

grease disco pantThe disco pant can be said to have hit it’s first height in popularity in 1978 when Olivia Newton-John was so famously sewn into her pair for the final fun fair scenes in the film Grease.

One difference from this pair to the contemporary versions of the disco pant is that people aren’t typically being sewn into their pairs or making them themselves. American Apparel have taken the famous disco pant design and adapted it into a range of products seen bellow.

disco pant short disco pant skirt disco pant pattern

As well as being available in any colour you could possibly want you can now get disco pants in a variety of prints. If trousers aren’t your cup of tea perhaps a disco skirt? or short shorts?




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