‘fashion marketing and brands’

The market mixing of a company consists of the four P’s; price, product, place and promotion. This week in my blog post I am going to be analysing my chosen stores marketing mix.

I have chosen to look at Topshop a popular high street store.  The specific ‘bricks and mortar’ store I will be looking at is the branch within the Highcross shopping centre in the city centre of Leicester. As far as shop placement goes this is a very good retailer space to have due to the high foot traffic from costumers and the surrounding shops. Topshop has an online website you can purchase their products from as well as their many stores. They also have official accounts with many of the social media sites and apps meaning they have a wide reach to their customers.

image (8)

In the window of their stores Topshop currently have this sign advertising a 30% off sale, the ‘limited time only’ gives a sense of urgency to the customers.


Topshop have used the internet site ‘Pinterest’ and have in their stores highlighted to the customer the most ‘pinned’ items of their’s on this site. This is picking out the garments the public have chosen to be the most popular.

image (17)

Within their stores as well as online Topshop has garments that fit into different price points. They sell various concession brands within stores depending on the size of that store including names such as; Oh My Love, Jones and Jones, Ragged Priest and many more. These brands are often placed at a higher price point to the main bulk of the Topshop’s own stuff. The basic jersey range within Topshop appeals to a lower price point, but overall the store, price wise, is about the middle of the high street. Topshop isn’t the cheapest but certainly isn’t the most expensive high street store. They also have a ‘Last Chance To Buy’ section in most of their stores which is a clever marketing tool to encourage customer to buy up stock that is going out of season by providing a sense of urgency.

The typical Topshop customer is typically 25-35 years old and will be fashion concious as Topshop is a store other high street stores look to for trends. The marketing and promotion of their products is very extensive and thorough. Although cheaper versions of their garments may be found in stores such as New Look, Topshop is perceived to be of higher quality due to the increased price.




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