The item in my wardrobe I have chosen to look at for this blog post is a cami top from Velvet and is pictured above. The ‘green-ness’ of fashion can be considered through the sustainability, organic, economical and ethical aspects of the garments including the whole manufacturing process. The garment I have chosen is made […]

‘fashion revivals’

A fashion revival refers to when a particular design detail become fashionable again years after it was last considered fashionable. ┬áThese revived fashions are often slightly altered to suit the time or further technology developments. The disco pant quickly became popular again last year with American Apparel being the to go place to get this […]

‘fashion marketing and brands’

The market mixing of a company consists of the four P’s; price, product, place and promotion. This week in my blog post I am going to be analysing my chosen stores marketing mix. I have chosen to look at Topshop a popular high street store. ┬áThe specific ‘bricks and mortar’ store I will be looking […]

‘gender and fashion’

Gender refers to ‘the behavioural, cultural or psychological traits typically associated with one sex’. Clothing and adornment is used to portray different genders, the response to these different items of clothing can be interpreted differently depending on who is reading them; this relates back to semiotics and the signified and signifier. This week I will […]