‘Semiotics’ refers to the study of signs. It looks at anything that is used to stand for something else. Semiotics is made up of two different parts; the signifier (anything that stands for something else) and the signified (the something else that is being represented). This week I am going to be using semiotics to analyse an advert from a fashion related brand.


m&s advert

The link above will hopefully take you to a YouTube clip of the advert I have chosen, fingers crossed!

M&S are a brand that are widely associated with high quality and does have that image of being for the where the older generation shops. For most the M&S logo on a garment symbolises quality. The M&S logo to those wearing it says that they want quality in their clothes, for them to last, and are prepared to pay more for their clothes to get this higher quality.

This new M&S advert is clearly based around fairy tales. This can be gathered from certain signifiers and learn semiotics of the viewer, for instance; the white dog down the pothole symbolises Alice in Wonderland, and the four friends walking to the green man is The Wizard of Oz. They have used very well known stories and used very well known symbols of these to ensure that the biggest possible proportion of their audience will understand what is being signified. The advert also features 3 big names, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in fairytale scenes, David Gandy plays the Mad Hatter and Helena Bonham-Carter as the Wizard of Oz. Using celebrities endorsements gives a sense of quality and an idea that the products are for those of an upper class



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