‘mini dress’

so here goes with my second blog post! Little bit nervous, little bit excited.


—–>> BLOGWEEK2minidress <<——

Fingers crossed that this actually works!!

If you fancy clicking the link above it should hopefully open up the little poster I’ve created giving you lovely readers a little bit of information on the object I have chosen to focus on in my ‘Critical and Contextual Studies’ (CCS) this year.

I guess I should probably explain a bit about what CCS is. Although you may be just as clueless as me 😉 In a nutshell it is basically looking about all the outside factors surrounding an object and relating these back to our areas of study.


Bibliography For Poster

http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/articles/m/mary-quant/, Biography of Mary Quant.

The Fashion Gallery, Snibston Discovery Park, Leicester, 2013.


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