‘about me’

hmm lets see, where to begin…

My parents ingeniously named me ‘Indiana Storm’ and come on with a name like I wasn’t going to be doing something boring now was I. So here I am sat in my little student bedroom writing my first blog post as a proud De Montfort Contour Fashion student! I’ve managed to make it to 18 years of age, move out, and through freshers without too many hiccups.

When the cute elderly customers at work and very straight family friends asked me what course I was going to be studying at university there was always a few funny looks when I explained I was doing my degree in ‘lingerie’. Perhaps the little village I’m from just couldn’t handle the idea of nudity. Luckily for me my 6th form was very supportive in my obsession as in year 12 this was were I had my first encounter with making a corset. I was definitely the little nerd that spent hours on the internet looking at corsets and then making more at home. I found myself completely falling in love with the works of ‘Mr. Pearl’ and the intricate detail that went into the corsets he made.

The next stop on my contour journey was finding out about the course at De Montfort and attending the open day. I sat in the course talk, pen in hand, utterly gob-smacked with a stupid grin on my face. I had always known I wanted to go into fashion but something was never quite right. The difference with this course was the technical element and precision that was needed, calling Indie the maths nerd, this was perfect.

I’ve decided that writing a blog post about yourself is really hard. I just have no idea what people would actually care to know about me. For instance; would you be interested in the fact I have a scar in my knee from running up the down escalator and tripping over? or that i sometimes sit in my room stroking my high heel collection? perhaps you’d want to known that I suck at anything and everything remotely sporty? I’m not joking I just wasn’t built for exercise…maybe I’m allergic? Just stick me in front of a sewing machine with perhaps a fancy dress party to plan for and I’ll be like a child at Christmas.


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