‘looking at the news’

For my blog post this week I am going to be looking at a recent news article and explore the different issues and opinions surrounding this. The link below will take you to the article I have chosen. http://www.independent.co.uk/student/news/government-plans-to-overhaul-gcses-and-alevels-at-the-same-time-will-wreck-education-says-oxford-universitys-head-of-admissions-8881992.html The proposed reform of the current exam system in the UK has been a hot topic […]

‘mini dress’

so here goes with my second blog post! Little bit nervous, little bit excited.   —–>>¬†BLOGWEEK2minidress¬†<<—— Fingers crossed that this actually works!! If you fancy clicking the link above it should hopefully open up the little poster I’ve created giving you lovely readers a little bit of information on the object I have chosen to […]

‘about me’

hmm lets see, where to begin… My parents ingeniously named me ‘Indiana Storm’ and come on with a name like I wasn’t going to be doing something boring now was I. So here I am sat in my little student bedroom writing my first blog post as a proud De Montfort Contour Fashion student! I’ve […]